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Is your business important to your supplier?

Do you feel that your business is important to your chemical supplier? Do you feel frustrated when you need a product with performance between existing[…]

Doing our part to reduce dioxane levels!

There has been a concern for the 1,4-dioxane levels in products for many years. The governor of New York acted on this concern by signing a bill into law[…]

High Performing Waterborne Alkyd Coating Recipes

The E-Sperse® RX Series are reactive emulsifiers which make stable, high solids waterborne emulsions from existing solvent-based alkyds. The RX Series[…]

Exploring the Agricultural Market with our President, Chuck Hinton

Ethox Chemicals is a proud member of SOCMA, which is the only U.S.-based trade association representing the specialty manufacturing sector. Recently,[…]

Reflecting on 2018 and moving into 2019

The new year always brings a hope of change and new opportunities! This past year was a huge year for Ethox Chemicals and for our customers who build[…]

Is supplying naturally derived sustainable personal care products important for you?

Consumers are now more than ever concerned with the ingredients in their personal care products that they use. Consumers are especially concerned about[…]

What will Specialty and Agro chemicals be like in the next 50 years?

 The specialty and agro chemical industry is rapidly changing faster now more than ever. There is a need to develop solutions to the current and future[…]

Ethox Chemicals Celebrating 50 years!

Ethox Chemicals is a part of the Piedmont Chemical Group, which includes six companies. Piedmont Chemical Industries was founded in 1938 by Fred E.[…]

Get better results with E-Sperse® Pigment Dispersants

When consumers open a can of paint, they expect it to have perfect pigment dispersion. What they do not want to find is paint that is too thick that[…]

How to reduce mining costs while increasing productivity

Recovering minerals using chemical leaching is a great way to maximize your mining operations. In the recovery of gold, a cyanide solution is evenly[…]