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Reflecting on 2018 and moving into 2019

The new year always brings a hope of change and new opportunities! This past year was a huge year for Ethox Chemicals and for our customers who build their business with us. Thank you to our customers for making this year memorable and allowing us to serve your many chemical needs.

Here is a look at our past year: (Click on each button to read more)

Ethox Chemicals  Celebrating 50 years!

Ethox Chemicals is a part of the Piedmont Chemical Group, which includes six companies. Piedmont Chemical Industries was founded in 1938 by Fred E. Wilson, Sr. to serve the textile industry in the southeast. What started as a small, two-man operation has today grown to include six companies in three states servicing a wide variety of industries. In 1938, after working as a salesman in the chemical industries for several years, Fred Wilson, Sr. decided to set out on his own and started Piedmont Color and Chemical, later to become Piedmont Chemical Industries. Piedmont enjoyed conservative but steady growth through its early years.

Get better results with  E-Sperse Pigment Dispersants

When consumers open a can of paint, they expect it to have perfect pigment dispersion. What they do not want to find is paint that is too thick that leaves brush strokes on their living room walls or poor color development which prevents consistent touch ups of painted surfaces. This is where having the right pigment dispersants becomes vital.

Supplying naturally derived  sustainable personal care products

Consumers are now more than ever concerned with the ingredients in their personal care products. Consumers are especially concerned about the products containing parabens, synthetic colors, and phthalates. The labelling of these products has become more detailed and transparent and consumers are using this in their purchasing decisions (59% of women read the labels before purchasing beauty products). Studies have shown that these same concerned customers do not care that these natural products do not typically perform as well as the synthetic products. For these reasons, it is imperative to find renewable, sustainable, naturally derived raw materials.

Other News

Ethox will be attending and having a booth at the following events:

February 12-14 Specialty & Custom Chemicals America Fort Worth, Texas Booth# L27 

                          Our Exhibitor Showcase Presentation is Tuesday 2/12 at 2PM in Sundance Room 2.

March 12-13 Holistic Symposium Minneapolis, Minnesota 


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