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Supporting Cosmetic Chemists of the Future

Ethox Chemicals, a Syntha Group Company, is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, offering a wide range of innovative, esters, surfactants, emulsifiers, thickeners, amines and amides. Since its formation in 1968, Ethox has supplied quality products and exceptional service, offering a custom-tailored approach to meet the individual needs of their customers.

Ethox Chemicals is proud to support The New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists (NYSCC) in their advancements in the field of Cosmetic Chemistry by helping to provide raw materials for The Future Chemist Workshop.  This event will take place during the NYSCC Suppliers’ Day.

The Future Chemist Workshop was created by the NYSCC to give university students and young professionals insight on how to become a Cosmetic Chemist through a tutorial and practical workshop. This interactive experience offers the opportunity for professional development, providing invaluable instruction in product formulation from esteemed industry professionals.

Our collaboration with the NYSCC and The Future Chemist Workshop is the latest step in our ongoing commitment to the personal care market. More information can be found by visiting

Please stop by the Ethox Chemicals booth, #1361, at the upcoming New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers’ Day, November 10 – 11 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City where we will be featuring some of our value-added, specialty products for personal care:

  • Ethoxcare® Emulsifying Wax: highly versatile, nonionic emulsifier, capable of producing stable oil-in-water emulsions at extreme pH and electrolyte conditions (ISO 16128 NOI: 0.65)
  • Ethoxcare® 4075: all-natural viscosity modifier and gelling agent for aqueous and non-aqueous systems (ISO 16128 NOI: 1.0)
  • Ethoxcare® BTMS-25: high efficiency, cationic, self-emulsifying wax and conditioner (ISO 16128 NOI: 0.86)
  • Ethoxcare® GPHS: cold-process, water-in-oil emulsifier and texture enhancer (ISO 16128 NOI: 0.59)
  • C’Ester PLPR: hydrophobic film former with advanced thermal resistance (ISO 16128 NOI: 1.0)
  • C’Ester PHSA-6: naturally-derived polymeric wetting agent, emollient and pigment dispersant (ISO 16128 NOI: 1.0)
  • Ethoxcare® P 6000 PETS: highly efficient nonionic thickener for surfactant systems
  • Ethoxcare® Natural Pearl: naturally-derived pearlizing agent and oil-in-water emulsifier, suitable for cold-processed formulations (ISO 16128 NOI: 1.0)

We look forward to being your solutions provider and hope to see you soon.

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