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Ethox Chemicals is pleased to announce our new tradename, ETHOXCARE®, for our Personal Care products which highlights our ongoing commitment to the Personal Care market.

These are the same quality products as before which include emulsifiers, viscosity modifiers, emollients, solubilizers, dispersants, and surfactants with a new focus on transparency for low dioxane limits and palm sourcing.

Additionally, Ethox Chemicals has been awarded the Mass Balance certification from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Obtaining this certification was a goal for us in our effort to support customers and bring transparency to the end-consumer by providing responsibly sourced ingredients for the global Personal Care market.

With the ETHOXCARE® tradename, you are assured 1,4 dioxane limits of 10ppm max and residual EO limits of 1ppm max.

We are committed to manufacturing quality products while focusing on our customer’s needs. We strive to be your solution provider with our industry leading technology and products, and our commitment to continuous improvement and customer service.


ed pixDr. Edward T. Borish is currently Technical Director of Personal Care Technology at Ethox Chemicals, LLC. His responsibilities include all aspects of Personal Care Technology.  

Dr. Borish’s earlier experience includes Vice President of R&D at Global Seven Inc., a producer of specialty chemicals for personal care and household products, Director of Product Development at Bath & Body Works where he was responsible for new product development and identifying and implementing new technologies and Vice President of Research and Development at Zotos International — then a Division of Shiseido — where he directed all aspects of corporate research and development for Shiseido’s Salon division. Dr. Borish has over 50 patents, publications and presentations covering applied and basic research. He holds a Ph.D. and a B.S. in chemistry.


Marnie Roussel,
Sales & Business Development

Marnie Roussel has been working in sales and marketing of cosmetic raw materials and chemical specialties for over 25 years. She left her position as Director of Sales for Presperse in order to spend more time with her family.  Since then, she has run a successful consulting business, Maverick Enterprises, from her home in Vermont. With her children now grown, Marnie has elected to return to sales and has taken on a new role as Sales & Business Development Manager at Ethox Chemicals, LLC.

body-butter-recipient-with-palm-leavesETHOXCARE® Natural Pearl


ETHOXCARE® Natural Pearl is a cost-effective, time-saving choice to enrich the appearance of naturally-derived hair and skin cleansers.

hands-applying-white-liquid-soap crop


  • Vegetable-based pearlizing dispersion
  • Free of ethylene oxide, 1,4-dioxane and amines
  • 100% naturally derived 
    NOI (ISO 16128): 1
  • Convenient to use liquid
  • Cost-saving, cold-processable






Shower gels

Facial cleansers

Liquid hand soaps

Usage will vary depending upon system. 
Typical range is 2% to 6%.




Typical Properties

Appearance @25C...Liquid to off-white paste

Solubility ..................Disperses in water

pH (10%)..................3–4








EHOXCARE® 4075 is a cost-effective option for modifying viscosity and improving moisturizing and conditioning in innovative products.

squeeze tube


  • Emollient and viscosity modifier
  • Multi-functional - allowing for fewer ingredients
  • Perfect for aqueous and non-aqueous systems
  • 100% naturally derived
    NOI (ISO 16128): 1
  • Ideally suited for sulfate-free surfactant systems
  • Novel delivery system for pigmented and fragranced products




Aqueous Applications


Shower gels

Facial cleansers

Liquid hand soaps

Usage will vary depending upon system.
Typical range is 5% – 20%.



lip balm

Non-Aqueous Applications

Anti-chafing sticks

Sunscreen sticks

Moisturizing sticks

Fragrance sticks

Usage will vary depending upon system.
Typical range is 7% – 70%.




Typical Properties


Color (Gardner)….........2.0 max

Saponification Value… 215-245.0 max mg KOH/g

Acid Value….................2.0 max mg KOH/g




The information contained herein is believed to be correct; however, it should not be construed as a guarantee or as a statement of suitability for use in any application. This information should not be considered as a recommendation to violate any patent.

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