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New UV Synergist for Improved Photoinitiator Efficiency

Last week we announced our new product SynerPI™, a synergist for photoinitiators. SynerPI™ optimizes current photo-initiator chemistry with powerful[…]

Ethox Chemicals Introduces New Product SynerPI™ for Photoinitiator Markets

With markets still in turmoil and companies facing challenges associated with everything from supply chain constraints and shortages of certain[…]

Ethox Chemicals Introduces All-Natural, Vegetable-Derived EthoClean™

EthoCleanTM is an all-natural, vegetable-derived multi-purpose cleanser that safely removes soils and stains without hazardous solvents. The[…]

Ethox Welcomes New Agronomic Product Development Lead

Ethox is excited to announce that, effective November 1, 2022, Barbara Vukoja Houston will be joining our team as Agronomic Product Development Lead.  

Ethoxylation: Get the Features and Formula your Customers Want Most

What do your customers want most when it comes to a cleaning agent? Lots of bubbly suds? Easy rinsability? Tough, stain-fighting action? No matter what[…]

Cleaner and Greener Beauty Products

Today’s consumers are becoming more cognizant of the social and environmental impacts of their day-to-day routines. They read product labels, research[…]

Supporting Cosmetic Chemists of the Future

Ethox Chemicals, a Syntha Group Company, is a manufacturer of specialty chemicals, offering a wide range of innovative, esters, surfactants, emulsifiers,[…]

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Ethox Chemicals is pleased to announce our new tradename, ETHOXCARE®, for our Personal Care products which highlights our ongoing[…]

Using Reactive Surfactants in Direct-to-Metal Coatings

An October 2020 article in CoatingsTech journal ( by C. Challener “Specialty Chemicals Fundamental to Coatings Innovation” listed a number of[…]

Looking back on 2020

While Ethox was impacted like all others to some degree, Covid has helped us in many ways to strategize to better our stability, direction, and focus.[…]