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New UV Synergist for Improved Photoinitiator Efficiency

Last week we announced our new product SynerPI™, a synergist for photoinitiators. SynerPI™ optimizes current photo-initiator chemistry with powerful results. In case you missed it, click here to read last week’s blog detailing this new product for the Photoinitiator Markets.

What is SynerPiTM?

SynerPI is a novel, non-amine-based synergist, and is believed to achieve improved results through a photo-amplifying effect during the formation of free radical intermediates. SynerPI™ lowers the usage of photoinitiators, achieving up to a 50% reduction with the addition of 1.5% of SynerPI™ on the total weight for formulation. Typical photoinitiators soak up energy quickly under UV light. Radical propagation starts then drops quickly to a 'non-productive return to ground state.' SynerPI™ reacts with the photoinitiator at its most excited state, thus slowing the radical drop back to a non-productive energy state. This creates a much more efficient photoinitiator. 

What does SynerPiTM do?

Not only does this product help conserve costs, but it does so while improving outcomes. The benefits of this patent-pending chemistry include:

  • estimated efficiency is up to 50% compared to other products which utilize an estimated 10% of photoinitiators
  • better and faster curing
  • cure through - we have observed this, especially with clears, and could be tested further with colors
  • prevention of yellowing under LED light – while maintaining the best properties of photoinitiators in your formulation
  • easily dispersible, low viscosity liquid

Please note that this product does not react to UV light. Reference our tech bulletin below for more information about considerations for LED systems, and additional performance benefits in UV systems. 

Learn More About This Specialty Product

We invite you to see our comprehensive feature in PCI Magazine which illustrates the qualities of SynerPI™, how it works, the results achieved, and third-party trials.

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SynerPI™’s efficiency-boosting capabilities are an excellent example of Ethox Chemicals’ commitment to innovation. Chemistries like SynerPI™ mean more tailored formulations, better performance, and time and money savings. They also build on the concept of specialized service upon which we’ve built our business.

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Ethox Chemicals Introduces New Product SynerPI™ for Photoinitiator Markets