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Introducing the New Ethox Chemicals Website:

We’ve got some exciting news to share! Your trusted resource for Ethox products just got an upgrade. At Ethox Chemicals, we've taken great care to ensure[…]

CAS vs TSCA – Personal Care 101

Do I need a CAS number? My ingredient has a CAS number, why isn’t it registered on the TSCA Inventory? I don’t have a CAS number; can I register my[…]

How Necessity is Leading to New Markets at Ethox

Like many industries, the chemical manufacturing sector was dramatically impacted by the pandemic. Dealing with everything from persistent supply chain[…]

Ethox Chemicals' Upcoming Conferences: Connecting Innovators in Specialty Chemicals

The chemical industry is a hub of innovation and collaboration. Ethox Chemicals, a leading provider of specialty chemicals, is at the forefront of this[…]

Working Together, Works for Our Customers!

Building an R&D Network

Earlier this spring, Ethox Chemicals joined their sister companies – Piedmont Chemical, Custom Synthesis, RWM Technologies, and[…]

CPDA organizes a DC Fly-In in March to meet with members of Congress, the EPA and USDA

Ethox Chemicals is excited to be an active member of CPDA, The Council of Producers and Distributors of Agrotechnology. CPDA plays a crucial role in[…]

Ethox Chemicals, LLC Receives EcoVadis Bronze Medal

At Ethox, we take great pride in helping our customers reach their business goals with our leading products and services for the specialty chemicals[…]

New UV Synergist for Improved Photoinitiator Efficiency

Last week we announced our new product SynerPI™, a synergist for photoinitiators. SynerPI™ optimizes current photo-initiator chemistry with powerful[…]

Ethox Chemicals Introduces New Product SynerPI™ for Photoinitiator Markets

With markets still in turmoil and companies facing challenges associated with everything from supply chain constraints and shortages of certain[…]

Ethox Chemicals Introduces All-Natural, Vegetable-Derived EthoClean™

EthoCleanTM is an all-natural, vegetable-derived multi-purpose cleanser that safely removes soils and stains without hazardous solvents. The[…]