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Ethox Chemicals Introduces All-Natural, Vegetable-Derived EthoClean™

EthoCleanTM is an all-natural, vegetable-derived multi-purpose cleanser that safely removes soils and stains without hazardous solvents. The patents-pending composition is water-based and biodegradable–making it an environmentally safe alternative for traditional cleansers. EthoCleanTM ingredients are listed on the Safer Choice Safer Chemical Ingredients List (SCIL), TSCA, and DSL.

What does EthoCleanTM do?

EthoCleanTM safely removes graffiti, grass, dirt, food products, greases, oils, soils, general stains, and other materials from hard and soft surfaces. EthoCleanTM has demonstrated efficacy on a wide range of natural and synthetic substrates including cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, metal, ceramic, and porcelain. The ready-to-use formula can be applied by spreading with a brush, roller, or cloth and removed by rinsing with running water or wiping clean with a damp sponge. One application is generally sufficient, but reapplying may be necessary for stubborn stains.

Shear-thinning rheology provides excellent control during application to the stain or soil and prevents the product from spreading too quickly. This allows sufficient time for the cleanser to adequately dislodge the stain and prevents the cleanser from spreading to unintended areas. This property is also beneficial in overcoming the problem of ‘wicking’ when removing stains from cloth.

EthoCleanTM in Action


A nylon ski jacket, heavily soiled with silicone-based chairlift grease, was treated with a liberal amount of EthoCleanTM. After waiting approximately two hours, and rinsing with water, the grease stain was completely removed.

EthoCleanTM is an excellent choice for use as a hard-surface cleanser. Shear-thinning rheology allows EthoCleanTM to cling to vertical surfaces–making it ideal for removing graffiti from buildings, rail cars, bridges, and other vertical surfaces. Because EthoCleanTM is biodegradable, it can be safely rinsed off outdoor surfaces without worry of water contamination or other adverse environmental effects. In addition, the composition is non-damaging to plastic or urethane finished wood.


White subway tile and a metal plate surface were completely covered with spray paint. A portion of the painted area was treated with EthoCleanTM. After two, 30-minute treatments, the paint was brushed lightly and rinsed with running water – completely removing the paint. Alternatively, the paint was removed after a single application when rinsing with a power washer.

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