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Working Together, Works for Our Customers!

Building an R&D Network

Earlier this spring, Ethox Chemicals joined their sister companies – Piedmont Chemical, Custom Synthesis, RWM Technologies, and Dooley Chemicals – in Asheville, NC to take the next step in bringing the companies together under the Syntha Group umbrella. The event centered around cultivating connections between company chemists and technical personnel and leveraging their scientific expertise to build an R&D network that will better serve our customers.

Setting Expectations

Phil Madison, Technical Director of Piedmont Chemical, discussed expectations and encouraged participants to move into a new way of thinking about how we do business.

“In the past, our companies were siloed, each focused on their independent research and business goals. Moving forward, we need to think of how we can collaborate and work to together to advance technology, better serve our customers, and grow business as a whole,” said Madison.

The Foundation of True Collaboration

Micah Ray and Mike Witt, of D4 Concepts, kicked off the Summit with a presentation on what it means to truly collaborate.

“Effective communication is key to maximizing team performance and collaboration,” said Witt. Ray added, “Acknowledging communication is a two-way street cultivates active listening and builds a common ground – leading to true collaboration.”

Presidential Participation 

To reinforce collaboration as a collective goal for all five companies, each company president spent a few minutes discussing capabilities, R&D focus, and equipment that is available to benefit all parties.

“Each business brings a distinct perspective to the table – years of experience, equipment capacity and expertise. And we’ve each enjoyed a significant level of success offering our customers these unique advantages. Imagine the service and technology we could offer our customers if we pool our resources,” said Custom Synthesis President, Drew Fite.

Sharing Solutions

Company chemists and technical personnel were tapped to help build the foundation of the R&D network. Each attendee put together a short presentation centered around helping others – or themselves – by sharing solutions. Topics ranged from the latest technology to how an unusual development came to fruition. Open discussions allowed peers to brainstorm how they might help advance an idea, benefit from others’ findings, or expand upon a technology.


Since meeting in March, participants continue to identify opportunities for collaboration. Some initial areas of follow-up include sharing development methods, applying technology from one market to another, and utilizing sister-company equipment to evaluate and finalize formulas.

“The goal is to make working together the norm. Collaboration will allow us to deliver the latest technology, provide cost-effective methods, and reduce time-to-market for our customers,” said Chip Palmer, VP of Technology at Ethox.

Working Together, Works for Our Customers

Since its formation in 1968, Ethox Chemicals has served the industry with quality products and service. The concept of specialized service to each customer has proven successful over the years, and that is what Ethox strives to maintain. The R&D Summit was the first step in moving this concept into the future by pooling all available resources and expertise together for the benefit of our customers.

“It’s the right way to do business – for our company, our people, and more importantly our customers,” said Rick Wilson, CEO of Syntha Group.

How Can The Ethox R&D Network Work For You?

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