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How Necessity is Leading to New Markets at Ethox

Like many industries, the chemical manufacturing sector was dramatically impacted by the pandemic. Dealing with everything from persistent supply chain problems to skyrocketing costs and price increases, many companies were forced to pivot in order to persevere in the face of a situation that was largely outside their control. That’s exactly what we’ve done here at Ethox.

While innovation has always been one of our core values, the pandemic pushed us out of our comfort zone and into exciting new territory. Here’s a closer look at the role necessity has played in helping us explore new and exciting markets.

A Rich History of Specialty Chemical Manufacturing

Before we look ahead, let’s take a quick look back. Since 1968, we’ve been providing our customers with customized surface-modifying products with applications for coating additives, oil fields, personal care, agriculture, textile auxiliaries, paper processing, metal working, mining/ore, specialty surfactants, and construction.

Utilizing a wide range of chemistries including alkoxylation, esterification, phosphation, sulfation, quaternization, and custom synthesis, we have the ability and expertise to custom make solutions, as well as to tweak existing solutions to enhance their efficiency and efficacy.

The Future of Ethox

While COVID challenged our businesses in unprecedented ways, we’ve remained steadfast in our commitment to serving the industry and our customers. One of the ways we’ve achieved this is by looking outside our existing markets.

Using research we were doing for a current customer in the UV photoinitiator area, we discovered a chemistry that was extremely effective in replacing portions of more expensive photo initiators such as TPO and others. This led to the birth of SynerPI™, a “synergist” for photo initiators. (The name speaks for itself). The benefits are manifold, including better and faster curing, non-yellowing under LED light, and reduced costs.

In fact, the findings of our model system indicate that the photoinitiator concentration could be reduced by as much as 50 percent—with no sacrifice of properties or performance.

Let Ethox Help You Innovate and Improve

As the world continues to rebound from the pandemic, the chemicals and materials sector is anticipated to play a vital role in the recovery. We're excited that innovations like SynerPI™ will help lead the way.

Does your business have a particular surface-modifying product challenge, or can we help your company gain a strategic advantage over your competitors in another way?

To talk to an Ethox specialist about how our solutions can help you meet your challenges and thrive in the evolving business landscape, contact us today.

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