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Looking for a custom fatty amine ethoxylate?

Ethox Chemicals produces a wide range of fatty amine ethoxylates that are used in numerous industries and applications. The fatty amine ethoxylates are derived from coconut, stearyl, tallow, and oleyl amines. The pH-dependent cationic or nonionic charge property and their varying levels of ethoxylation provides a wide range of properties, allowing for great formulation latitude. These products can be great in detergents and they show excellent solvency, low foam properties, and chemical stability. Fatty amine ethoxylates can also be used as emulsifying agents, wetting agents, dispersants, stabilizers, sanitizers and defoaming agents. Their end use applications include agrochemical emulsifiers, personal care emulsifiers, industrial cleaners, metal cleaners, anti-stats in textiles, paper de-inking, and drilling products.

Ethox also produces quaternary amines, which are cationic surfactants that are used as corrosion inhibitors, anti-stats, cationic emulsifiers, detergents, cleaners, and degreasers.

Ethox is always willing to customize a product to fit your specific needs. Contact for more information!

Let us introduce you to the newest staff at Ethox

dr tripp floyd.png

Dr. Tripp Floyd – New Product Development Manager
Dr. Floyd formally began his scientific pursuits during high school at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics, where he conducted summer research on catalyzing the polymerization of perfluorocyclobutane polyaryl ethers. He received a BS in Chemistry with a minor in physics at Clemson University in 2005, conducting research in determination of polylactide tacticity, the synthesis of novel penicillins and indoles, as well as single molecule microscopy of RNA bound carbon nanotubes. He received his PhD from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2010 after conducting research in the design and synthesis of biocompatible polymeric carriers for chemotherapeutic and diagnostic agents. He then conducted a post-doctoral fellowship at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, studying microencapsulation, the development of catalysts for carbon dioxide sequestration, and the synthesis and production of ultra-strong thin films. His current areas of research include making things mix, making things not mix, and carrying out regulatory work in collaboration with EPA.  These have by far proven more challenging.


beth lowe.png

Beth Lowe – Special Projects Manager
Beth graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a BS in Chemistry.  She began her career in the electroplating industry, because she swore she would never work in organic chemistry.

Twenty-two months later, Beth joined Clariant Corporation, where – you guessed it – she started working with organic chemistry in the pigments division.  She later joined the lab in the industrial chemicals division devoted to surfactant development and application.  She worked at Clariant for 18 years as the technical representative and applications chemist for numerous business lines, including oilfield, mining, air-wing deicing and anti-icing, construction, paints & coatings and crop.  She has written papers and given presentations for the Waterborne Symposium, Western Coatings Symposium and numerous coatings societies, as well as the ASTM E35 Symposium on Pesticide Formulations and Delivery Systems.

Beth recently joined the Technical Group at Ethox, where she will continue her pursuits into improving pigment, paint, coatings, and crop formulations through the use of Ethox’s surfactants.

Beth is married to David, who graciously accepts that she loves to play music, care for cats and is domestically-challenged.

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