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5 Reasons To Choose Toll/Contract Manufacturing

  1. There is no need to increase investment at your production facilities.
  2. You can focus on more profitable products at your facility.
  3. You can benefit from the manufacturing company’s technology, quality control, and expertise.
  4. You’re able to take advantage of facility compliance certifications. (ISO 9001, REACH, etc.)
  5. It takes the headache out of logistics and packaging.
In addition to our full line of products at Ethox, we produce proprietary products for some of the biggest names in the chemical industry. As a contract manufacturer, we produce products that are made exclusively for and branded by our contract customers who depend on us for our facilities, capacity, organization, and experience to provide best in class service and support.
The scale and terms of our contractual arrangements are flexible. We handle small, short-term prototype runs or full-scale multi-year high volume production. All customers benefit from our knowledge and processing expertise, technical capabilities, and high standards. Depending on the specified requirements, ownership of the finished product can occur at the end of the production line, at the time of shipment or any other point in the overall process.

To learn more about what our facilities are able to manufacture or any other questions, contact us at!

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