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What will Specialty and Agro chemicals be like in the next 50 years?


 The specialty and agro chemical industry is rapidly changing faster now more than ever. There is a need to develop solutions to the current and future problems caused by growing populations and the need to lessen the environmental impact. Ethox Chemicals, FarmLab Innovations and Custom Synthesis, our sister company,

 will be exhibiting in booth #953 at the Specialty and Agro Chemical conference in Charleston, SC September 5-7. Beth Lowe will be presenting at the show on September 5th @12:40 PM in the Riviera Ballroom A. Look for this presentation on our website soon here!!! This is a great opportunity to discuss with our experts the problems you may be facing or potential advances in current practices that you may have but can’t quite produce. We will have a mix of R&D, sales, and technical support attending and are open to discussing current projects with current customers and welcome discussions with new customers.

Ethox specializes in ethoxylation, propoxylation, esterification, phosphation, sulfation, quaternization, amidation, toll manufacturing, and offers product customization services. Our successful customization services provide robust products for customers in need of fast and reliable solutions. Ethox sustains an active R&D pipeline, an innovative portfolio of products and services, and experts in the lab and in the field to support customers in making their businesses succeed. Ethox Chemicals often works very close with our customers when developing products and establishes long lasting partnerships.

Custom Synthesis specializes in esterification (Kosher and Non-Kosher), phosphation, sulfation, carboxylation, amidation, alkylation, and custom blending services. Custom Synthesis has a full line of products offered for a variety of uses including Personal Care, Cosmetics, Kosher applications, Metal Working, Lubricants, Paper, and Plastics just to name a few. In addition, historically toll manufacturing has been a large part of our business. We are very comfortable working with other companies to produce their products to their specifications and expectations.

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