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How to reduce mining costs while increasing productivity

Recovering minerals using chemical leaching is a great way to maximize your mining operations. In the recovery of gold, a cyanide solution is evenly distributed across the top of the heap. The common problem is the flow of the solution quickly slows due to the ore's natural composition. This creates a long and extended leaching process, adding to operating costs and reducing the amount of gold recovered.

Advantages of Heap Leaching

  1. Lower operating costs 
  2. Fewer environmental issues than other processes
  3. Reduced energy requirements
  4. Able to make use of low grade ore

Heap leaching along with the use of Ethox 4804 is the answer to any concerns of operating costs. In instances where low grade ore is present, Ethox 4804 maximizes the gold recovery that would otherwise be left in the ore. Higher grade ore will also see a greater amount of gold recovery with the use of Ethox 4804 in the leachate solution. We’ve included additives to not only improve percolation rates and accessibility, but also ones specially designed to bind the clay particles and prevent breakup. This prevents the clay from plugging channels where the solution flows and reducing throughput. The result is the cyanide solution can effectively reach more of the ore particles increasing the amount of gold recovered.

We offer custom blends of Ethox 4804 based on testing your specific ore samples to improve its leaching rates. This innovative product results in recovering a substantially higher amount of gold, up to 60%.

We understand that soil composition differs from site to site. For this reason, we offer customized versions of Ethox 4804 to make it more effective for your specific sites. Let us test your ore with our product to make sure you're getting the best results. 

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